Hi, This is Hitoshi and first post in English maybe I guess.

We never write this blog in English so far because,
the hurdle of language is quite high and we don’t know people who read this blog can read in English and still I am not sure about that.

But we should say hello not only to Japan but also to the world I think.
So I wanna try to say hello to the world and only other language I know is English which is not enough skilled, and then I started to write in English.

Anyway, I would sometimes write in English and sometimes in Japanese.
I’m sorry about my rough English and thank you for reading this.

Today, we have holiday in Japan.
the name of the day is “Named Thanks Labor Day”
It contains like 80% thanks giving day and 20% labor day.

This means feel thankful for people who works.
I have never think about this holiday before…?


Japanese people usually did not think about the meaning of holidays except new year day.

We usually like

“hey!, tomorrow is holiday! yay!”
“why is that?”
“I don’t know, but calendar says so”

So, we have many holidays in a year, but we usually wastes those.
This is really Mottainai thing I think.
We always need a trigger to do something.

let’s back to the main story then.

“today is thank you day for workers”


I would say thank you to my co-workers. haha.

Should I think about more social stuff like “everyworker keeps this world and thank you ” or something like that?
uhhh, not this year maybe next year. hahaha.
I would say thank you to the closest people around me.
Thank you and let’s keep this company in good.

btw,have you noticed?
There was two triggers in this blog,

one is awareness to the world become a trigger to makes me writhing blog in English.
the other is a holiday become a trigger to say thank you to co-workers.

“Trigger” is really important and we should use it more!!

today’s blog was kinda try to write blog in English.
Plz don’t care about the story so much.

see you around!

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